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About Portia Madonsela

Earth Probiotic is an officially recognised “Proudly South African” company. Specialising in the safe and sustainable treatment and composting of food waste, Earth Probiotic’s mission is to “turn food waste into soil food”. Founded in 2010 by Karen and Gavin Heron, Earth Probiotic is a micro-exempt Level 2 BEE enterprise. SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS Earth Probiotic utilises the power of beneficial micro-organisms and probiotic bacteria in order to deliver solutions for households, medium enterprises and large enterprises. The core technology leveraged by the company is “bokashi”. Bokashi - “fermented organic matter” in Japanese - consists of wheat bran which has been inoculated with beneficial micro-organisms. The use of bokashi in food waste management is a widely accepted and used process in Asia, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Earth Probiotic has pioneered the use of this technology in South Africa. Bokashi is safe and presents no threat to human or animal health. In fact bokashi is often fed to horses, cattle, poultry and dogs as a nutritional supplement to improve gut health. Bokashi microbes are a consortia of different beneficial bacteria. Working in symbiosis they eliminate pathogens, produce no greenhouse gases, and stabilise waste stopping rotting while enabling the safe disposal of food waste. Current solutions encompass: ‣ Domestic 25L food waste digesters and bokashi bran to allow the safe “at home” composting of food waste. ‣ Commercial 150L food waste digesters and bokashi bran to allow large scale composting of food waste (volumes up to 5,000 kg per month). ‣ In-Vessel Composting (IVC) machine to allow for the automated processing of volumes of food waste exceeding 5,000 kg per month.