About Aaron Cullis

Urban Organics is founded by Business owner and entrepreneur Jeffrey Cullis whom with his son Aaron Cullis have designed and developed award-winning hydroponic systems suitable for home and now commercial use. The company began in mid 2017 where it won the Sage Small Business of the Year Award in association with Cape Talk radio station and has since then expanded exponentially into the entire South Africa. Urban Organics is now a level 2 BEE company based in Cape Town that ships systems nationwide and is involved with school projects around the Western Cape as we believe this is where the future of farmers are born. Our systems are DIY and easy to install and have many benefits to gardening which include using 90-95% less water and yield up to twice the speed of conventional methods. The systems operate using pure water only in an NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) method but incorporating Kratky method as well to counter the unstable electrical issues South Africa faces. The systems are fun, easy, ergonomic to use and requires zero-pesticides to grow!