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About Retang Phaahla

Summer Trading 87’ (Pty) Ltd is a vehicle of discovery and distribution of Setšong indigenous tea products found in the natural landscapes of South Africa, more prominently within the rural areas of Limpopo. Summer Trading 87’ (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned Company comprising of youth and women. The company stimulates the economy is collaboration with cooperatives developed by a community development organisation; Siyaphila Youth Support Services. Through Tea product manufacturing, Summer Trading 87’ (Pty) Ltd aims to develop the economy, establish and create jobs within the rural areas of South Africa. Our unique Tea products have proved to stand a chance at competing with existing tea brands with them being a first entry of tea from the Sekhukhune district of Limpopo. The tea products exposed by Setšong have been consumed for over five decades by the elderly members of Sekhukhune and form part of their indigenous knowledge which results in a great deal of history being associated with these products.