About Michael Cosser

The Soap Cycle is so called for two reasons: 1. Soap made by the company for individuals and families in domestic situations and for hotel- and guesthouse guests is collected by The Soap Cycle and recycled – reconstituted into soap bars – and distributed to residents of townships in South Africa. Instead of being disposed of in refuse bins and removed to landfill sites or being allowed to dissolve, then – both of which aggravate the pollution of the planet – The Soap Cycle soap extends the life of every bar of soap. 2. The Soap Cycle logo shows a bicycle – the means by which recycled soap is distributed to township residents. This cycle reaches its acme on Global Handwashing Day (15 October), when soap bars and accompanying leaflets explaining the importance of washing hands with soap, and when, are handed out to people in the streets of South Africa’s townships.