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About Tanzeem Fakir

DermoProf Skincare was founded by a pharmacist, Tanzeem Fakir in 2015. The pilot launch of two product ranges, namely: ACnClear and PigmentoB took place at the owner’s existing laser skincare salon in August 2015. The response to this launch was phenomenal. Since then the products have undergone improvements to the original formulations and three new products were introduced in 2017. DermoProf skincare offers targeted skin care in either singular or two product systems. This ensures compliance in usage, achieving expected results. Other skincare brands offer multiple product systems that customers normally default on due to cumbersome steps and the cost of maintaining these unnecessary steps. DermoProf offers concise, easy, and cost effective solutions that demonstrate true results. • PRODUCT PORTFOLIO The current portfolio of products includes the following ranges as well as associated products in each range: • ACnClear Range-consists of a two product system sold as a bundle (pump bottle cleanser 50ml and cream 50ml). The cream is also sold on its own for customers who run out of the cream faster than the cleanser. • PigmentoB Range-consists of a two product system sold as a bundle (pump bottle cleanser 50ml and cream 50ml). The cream is also sold on its own for customers who run out of cream faster than cleanser.This range also offers a Booster Serum(25ml serum pump bottle) to enhance the benefits of the cleanser and cream, especially for those with advanced hyperpigmentation. This is a new product introduced in December 2017. It\\\'s added benefit of assisting with redness and countering after sun side effects has created the extra need for this product. • Dry Relief Serum (25ml serum pump bottle) -This is a blend of natural natural oils, specifically formulated to relieve dry skin problems and it is suitable for very sensitive skin.It absorbs very quickly into skin. In cases where people cannot tolerate any moisturiser on their skin due to skin sensitivities including eczema, this product has demonstrated the amazing ability to function as a substitute for ordinary moisturisers.One of the most outstanding benefits of this product is its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. • Ultimate Age Renewal Cream (50g Jar)- This product\\\'s name basically indicates it\\\'s purpose. It was designed to defer the signs of ageing by improving appearance of wrinkles and “plumping” the skin. • CONCLUSION “DermoProf aims to offer something novel, unique in its effectiveness and differentiating in both quality, standard and price. We seek to disrupt the normal way in which skin care has been targeted to customers.” DermoProf Skincare is not offering just another cosmetic skincare range. It is an evolution in skincare aimed at an upcoming cosmetically,educated market as well as offering systems that are conscise, easy to use, effective and affordable to the LSM 5 to 9 consumers. These products are both financially and practically sustainable. OWNER\\\'s CAREER HISTORY: • 1992-1995: Studied and Graduated at the University of the Western Cape(UWC) with a BPharm Degree • 1996-2000: Practised as a Hospital pharmacist at various hospitals including 1 year overseas • 2001-2003: Production pharmacist at GlaxoSmithKline • 2003-2005: Clinical Trial pharmacist for qualitative ARV studies in Paediatrics based at Red Cross Children’s Hospital • 2005-2015: Managed and owned a Laser Skincare Clinic. During this time gained vast experience within the skincare and aesthetics industries. Since 2014 been involved in ongoing research and development of targeted skincare specializing in hyperpigmentation, anti-ageing and acne industry challenges. Used this business as a base for piloting the DermoProf Skincare Brand. Since 2015 a new owner has taken over the laser business and still promotes the DermoProf Skincare Brand as the client base is loyal to the brand. • 2015-2018: Director of DermoProf Skincare . Developing scientifically sound skincare products that offers economically and practically sustainable solutions to consumers. PASSIONATE ABOUT DEVELOPING SKINCARE THAT IS TRUTHFUL TO CONSUMERS