Sustainability Village

It's all about Sustainability

Sustaining growth within business ecosystems, sustaining the economy of business relationships and of course, sustaining the environment.

In 2017, the South African National Convention Bureau (SANBC) in collaboration with the Event Greening Forum (EGF) – a non-profit organisation invested in promoting sustainability in the business events industry, launched an innovative green gifting system at Meetings Africa, called the Sustainability Village.

Sustainability Village is a curated space for selected black-owned SMME’s to showcase their products, all of which are made in South Africa, and almost entirely inspired by South African heritage.

Sustainability Village offers an eloquent solution to tailored gifting in the form of a seamless Gift Voucher system at an event. It’s a platform the Meetings Africa team uses to enhance their gifting capabilities.

The advantage is that SMME’s get to showcase & sell their products to a ready market. Delegates have the option to choose and select exactly what gifts they want to buy and take home instead of being given gifts which they do not appreciate, it’s a win-win situation.

Not only does this approach ensure all gifts will be treasured and used, but it upholds all three key principles of sustainability:


The upliftment of people from the local community is promoted, by giving small local businesses a marketing platform where they can meet and interact with people from around the globe.



Special care was taken to ensure all aspects of the Sustainability Village had a positive environmental effect on the planet. Everything from eco-friendly material and eco-smart creations to reusable structures and recyclable textiles the wellness of the environment was always top of mind.


By procuring all gifts locally, the economic benefit of gifting was passed directly on to South African businesses. This and the marketing opportunity of the event should contribute to the growth and development of these SMEs.

Showcasing South Africa to the rest of the world, RSAMade is a proudly e-commerce web site which gives South African products the opportunity to be placed in the hands of local and global consumers. Partnered with Proudly South African, these two successful initiatives promote the manufacture and consumption of locally made goods.

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