Polkadotcoco (Pty) Ltd

Polka dot coco Pty Ltd is a self-funded business that was established in 2015 but formally registered on 18 March 2016.
The business is based in the South Coast of Durban and is owned by Phumzile “Nelly” Zama.

The business specialises in handcrafted accessories namely:
• Bowties mainly using African print, Shweshwe (and a variety of fabric)
• Ties mainly using African print, Shweshwe (and a variety of fabric)
• Lapel pins (Wooden and Beads)
• Earrings (mainly using Shweshwe and Beads)

Our clientele varies greatly making our products loved by many and are suitable for different age groups. We also specialize in corporate gifting, Marketing agencies (e.g. TV adverts, social media campaigns etc.) , Photo-shoots, Matric dances, Weddings, Traditional weddings, Office wear. Our brand is solely inspired by an everyday Fashionista.

Our business has grown and evolved over the years. We started purely trading once a month in Saturday markets but soon evolved to week long trade shows which have given our business the exposure and are now stockist of various shops and available on the online platform.

Having worked at an Orphanage for close to 2 years, I saw a need for those precious children. We understand that some girls unfortunately will not make it to Tertiary levels because of their unfortunate backgrounds but are very talented. Our vision as polka.dot.coco (trading name) is to be able to get enough exposure and be financially stable so we can hire and upskill the princesses. We are targeting girls who are 18 years or older . This is a journey that we are willing to embark on . We believe in second and third chances. Once they have gathered enough skills and feel they are ready, we can then release them to start their own businesses. Women empowerment is vital, very vital! Journey with us.

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