Yamama Gemmer

The company is the creation of two sisters Rosemary Padi and Mosibudi Makgato. We are the heart and soul of the business. Over the years we have come up with a consistent well-loved taste for original homemade gingerbeer which is a staple beverage for traditional ceremonies like weddings, ‘mesebetsi’, ‘mahlabiso’, ‘mafu’etc. What our mother has so lovingly passed down to us, we developed into a solution that provides not only the nostalgic original taste of traditional homemade gingerbeer, but also a convenient element to traditional ceremonies. We have done this in a way that preserves the South African heritage beverage without adding any artificial substitutes. This is a beverage that has been made skillfully and passed down from generation to generation using natural ingredients.
We are members of Proudly SA.

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