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RSAMade gives South African products an online, international presence

Showcasing South Africa to the rest of the world, RSAMade an e-commerce web site which gives South African businesses the opportunity to be place their products and services in the hands of local and global consumers.

Our retail platform is the perfect place for South African products to be showcased to South Africa and the rest of the globe. Merchants are able to take their manufactured products and display them for the opportunity of global exposure, giving them recognition on a larger retail field.

We “introduce” our local merchants to an audience and potential customer base – that at one stage would have seemed impossible to reach –in a safe and reliable environment. Our online platform is fast, efficient, simple and safe, and consumers are able to browse through the online store, read-up on items that they are interested in, and make an informed decision before purchasing. With more and more monetary transactions happening over the internet, we pride ourselves on working closely with industry best, giving you the peace-of-mind that your information and purchases are safe guarded.

We are involved in the entire process, from receiving the orders to the delivery, and focus on a quick turnaround when it comes to getting our consumers what they want. Our couriers collect your items, and deliver straight to your door, no matter if you are in South Africa or overseas.

RSAMade is a 100% black owned company, with a Level 1-B-BBEE certificate, and we are committed to uplifting the South African community, and the promotion of South African products which in turn helps to create jobs, fights unemployment and contributes positively to the economy.

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