Face masks combined with other preventive measures can help slow the spread of the coronavirus and other diseases like the flu. At RSAMade, we offer locally made personal protective equipment. We have different products that provide face protection, like face masks and face shields.

Our reusable cloth masks can help wearers trap droplets that are released when you cough, sneeze, or talk. Cloth masks have proven effective in the spread of COVID-19, especially if other people around you are wearing them, but they can’t alone prevent transmission. We advise our buyers to practice other preventive measures during this pandemic as well.

In case you’re looking for additional protection, we also have face shields for sale. Wearing a face shield is like having another layer of protection that is essential for people who have to work with other people indoors. The great thing about the protective clothing available in our shop is that you can wash them after use and you’ll be able to put it on again when it dries off.

We stock a variety of face masks. If you browse through our selection, you’ll see both single and double layer fabric face masks. We also have locally made, washable nano-tech face masks.

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