The couriers at RSAMade deliver items across South Africa and overseas. In case you’re missing some of your favourite locally made food while you’re overseas or want to introduce someone to South African groceries, you can browse through our catalogue to learn more about our selection of products.

We offer a variety of South African made food, including healthy snacks, chocolate, condiments, juices, teas, and more. In case you’re looking for something that you can give as a present to your business partners, we suggest you take a look at the gift boxes available on the RSAMade website. We also offer cases of bottled water that can feature your company logo on the packaging, perfect for marketing purposes.

Support South African brands by ordering locally made groceries. Apart from various food products that we offer, RSAMade also has a wide selection of South African cleaning products. You can buy cleaning supplies in bulk from us at an affordable price.

Shoppers that want to bulk buy cleaning products can purchase big packages of supplies like fabric softener and dishwashing liquid. Some of the cleaning supplies we currently have for sale are made by local brands like BradChem and Blendwell Chemicals.

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Beetroot Almond Cultured Drinking Yoghurt


Carrot Almond Cultured Drinking Yoghurt


Ploughman’s Pickles – No Added Sugar 330g

$6.10 Wholesale Price : $86.62

Vegan Rusk – Sugar & Gluten-free 250g

$4.61 Wholesale Price : $65.46

Apricot Jam – Sugar-free 330g

$6.10 Wholesale Price : $86.62

Allure Lemon & Lime Flavoured Water 500ml (6 Pack)


Allure Imperial Mint Flavoured Water 500ml (6 Pack)


Allure Rosie Strawberry Flavoured Water 500ml (6 Pack)


Allure Purified Seltzer Water 500ml (6 Pack)


Allure Purified Still Water 500ml (6 Pack)


The Cook’s Curry Spice Hamper


Big 5 Braai Spice Grinder & Shaker Set