Hygiene has become more important than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People who practice basic hygiene are less likely to contract the coronavirus and other diseases in general. In case you want to buy sanitizers online, we sell it in bulk. If you want to buy sanitizers for your company, we suggest you take a look at the cost-effective 25-litre hand and surface sanitizer manufactured by Liquid Clinic.

If you want to strengthen your immune system, you should look through our selection of natural medicine. You can order meds online from our website that were made using natural ingredients like moringa leaves.

We offer some of the most vital health care products online that are essential in both homes and offices. Some of the home health supplies that you can order from us include hand towels and bath tissues from brands like Kimber-Clark (KCC). If you’re a business owner, these products are essential for your office space as well.

RSAMade also has a collection of women’s toiletries handmade in South Africa. Some of our popular ladies’ toiletries include MoonTime pads. MoonTime is a South African company that makes reusable pads from eco-friendly materials.

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