Are you looking for locally made quality baby clothing that you can order online? You can find a variety of comfortable and beautifully designed baby clothing in our shop. Browse through our selection in case you want to do a little baby shopping online.

We have gorgeous onesies made from 100% cotton with shweshwe animal and Africa appliques. If you have a baby girl, we have a beautiful shweshwe dungaree dress available in pink, brown, blue, and yellow fabric. The dress is available in different sizes and is suitable both for toddlers and kids under 6 years old. All of our baby clothing is fully machine washable.

RSAMade is the perfect place you can find quality baby shoes online. We have several different models of leather shoes suited for any weather. If you want to buy baby shoes online that’ll give your toddler’s feet breathing room during warm summer days, we offer locally made soft sole leather sandals.

Browse through our catalogue in case you’re looking to buy baby clothing online. There’s a good chance you’ll see something that you’ll like. For instance, you can find unisex shweshwe hats fully lined with wide brims that give your toddler extra sun protection.

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