RSAMade provides shoppers with an easy way to buy South African wine online. We have a great selection of locally made wine from some of the top manufacturers. If you want to order wine online from us, you’ll have the option to buy either individual bottles or bulk boxes of six bottles.

We recommend you try some of the wines produced by the Amile winery. This winery was started by Amile Diamond, a South African jewellery designer and maker that recently started to produce handcrafted red wines and dry rose that originate from the Stellenbosch mountain ranges. The Amile Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 is one of the most popular wines available on our website.

For shoppers that like to buy wine in bulk, we recommend something produced by j9Wine. You can support local businesses if you choose to buy South African wine from our shop. It’s a good decision to give support to a brand like j9Wine, as they’re big on supporting winemakers of colour, as well as sustainable farming.

Some of the other local wine brands that you can find on our online store include African Roots, Bellascene, La RicMal, and Koni Wines.

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