At the RSAMade online store, you can find fun and quirky flash drives made in South Africa. We offer wooden USB drives depicting various animals that you can buy either for personal use or as a gift. The storage devices in our store are made by Native Décor, a company located in Wynberg.

The USB drives made by Native Décor have 16GB storage and display several animal figures. If you take a look at our selection, you’ll see wooden memory stick drives in the shape of elephants, giraffes, buffalos, hippos, rhinos, lions, and unicorns. All of these flash drives are made locally from sustainable birch plywood.

More than just a memory stick, these USD drives can also serve as a small decoration when you’re not using them. They are among our most popular gift items due to their beautiful design.

Other products featured in our electronics selection include network radios that work with GSM operators. You can choose between a basic network radio for voice operation and models that feature a display. If you decide to order a network radio from RSAMade, know that you’ll also have to sign a contract for monthly data and server access to the manufacturer of the product.

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