Sydney 905 Filters (Pty) Ltd

The Sydney 905 Filters ® are the most versatile filters in the global market thus allowing numerous setup configurations. They also prove to be one of the more sustainable, fastest, easiest, highly effective and most cost efficient ways to get safe water REGARDLESS of water source.

These water filters use hollow fibre membranes and are:

  • Extremely effective – Extremely small micron ratings. Two variants in pore sizes, the 0.1 micron (absolute) pore size filter and the 0.01 micron (absolute) pore size purifier. These filters also remove turbidity and odour from the water.
  • Portable – Whether urban or rural and indoors or outdoors, use it around the home/property or take it with you camping or other holidays….a perfect “travel mate”, just in case you are concerned about the integrity of your destination’s water.
  • Fully sustainable – Will last many years. The lifespan depends on the proper care of the filter/purifier and the turbidity of raw water. Only the occasional basic backwashing required, with the supplied syringe.
  • Cost efficient – Low cost of the filter/purifier, saving you money by not having to continuously drag out and buy bottled water.
  • Small, lightweight and durable – there are no moving parts.

No chemicals are used and the filtered/purified water will still contain the naturally occurring safe and healthy minerals. They can handle from a gravity feed to a pressurised supply of water. They will fit directly onto a standard 3/4″ threaded connection or onto a non-threaded connection via the supplied universal adapter.

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