5 Best Local Clothing Brands for Women

Are you looking for quality women’s fashion online? If so, you’ll have countless stores to choose from. Although you could find shops that’ll ship clothes to you from various countries across the world, at RSA Made we’re all about promoting local brands.

We believe that it’s important to promote local businesses, which is why our online store features some of the best South African products that you can find. When it comes to women’s fashion, we only choose brands that make quality and stylish clothes. If you’re looking to do a bit of online shopping, here are some of the top local clothing brands that we recommend.

Chepa Streetwear

The Pretoria township slang word “chepa” that stands for stylish or well-dressed perfectly describes this brand. At RSA Made, we believe that Chepa Streetwear is one of the top local clothing brands and we’re proud to have their items in our catalogue. The owner of this up-and-coming brand is Dumi Mahlangu, an entrepreneur who decided to leave an insurance and investment company and follow his passion. He started Chepa Streetwear in 2017 by selling clothes through word of mouth.

Today, it is without a doubt one of the best local clothing brands with items featuring a modern, casual, African-print design. The idea that Dumi had when he created this brand was to promote an Afrocentric culture with casual clothing. Instead of wearing formal clothes with African-print on special occasions, Chepa Streetwear is all about rocking this type of design on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for some of the best South African women’s fashion brands, this is definitely something you should check out. You can find various types of items on our website, from pants and dresses to skirts and tops.


ZWESA is a South African fashion brand with an incredibly positive message. It stands for promoting local culture and providing young people with job opportunities. This brand donates 10% of their profits to making blazers for a job placement organisation known as Harambee. Their clothes play an important part in helping young South Africans find jobs.

When this brand came into the local fashion scene, it aimed to change the mindset that the local SA fabric shweshwe should be used only for special occasions. ZWESA started putting shweshwe, one of the most versatile and overall beautiful fabrics in the world, on streetwear. This is one of the main reasons why ZWESA is considered to be among the best local streetwear brands.

What we admire about this company is that they always use fabric that’s sourced from Da Gama Textiles in Zwelitsha. Whichever clothing items you buy from ZWESA, you can rest assured that it was sourced and manufactured in South Africa. This company provides immense support to local businesses and entrepreneurs, which is a huge reason why we support ZWESA at RSA Made.

Samke Style

Samke Style is a local clothing brand started by Samkelisiwe Mtshali, a visionary woman with a passion for making handcrafted leather footwear and accessories. Samkelisiwe decided to leave a stable job in the corporate environment after working there for 14 years to pursue her dream of creating a successful local fashion brand.

A few years after establishing Samke Style, she is now enjoying the hard work she put in to create this company. With the goal of making the best footwear in Africa, this company will surely continue to grow in the future. Apart from creating original and unique designs, what sets Samke Style apart from the competition is the high level of comfort you feel when you wear their shoes.


Mintaka represents a branded collection of bags and accessories manufactured by Vermont Leathercraft Manufacturers, a famous local family run business founded in 1983. All Mintaka products are made from locally sourced A-grade leather. The items that this brand sells are very modern, stylish, elegant, and sophisticated.

Customers who are looking for women’s fashion online will be glad to see the Mintaka collection on RSA Made. Whether you’re looking for a new bag, purse, or wallet, we believe that you’ll fall in love with the products this brand has to offer.

Rustic City

Rustic City represents a local fashion brand based in Johannesburg. It was established in 2016 and has since grown in popularity in size. In fact, the founder of this company originally started making leather bags for family and friends before deciding to take it to another level.

The team behind Rustic City makes various beautifully handcrafted leather products that are popular across South Africa. At the RSA Made online store, you can find many items made by this Johannesburg-based brand.