Birdi Clothing (Pty) Ltd

Birdi is an award winning proudly South African golf apparel brand, born out of the association between initial members Len Lewison and his daughter Charlene, this award winning brand is highly recognised for serving the golfing fraternity and corporate organisations for over 30 years. Phashash, a lifestyle brand is also under the umbrella of Birdi Golf Apparel. Birdi merchandise consists of mens and ladies golf shirts, trousers, bermudas (both Chinos and Gaberdine), Chino trousers, headwear, windshirts, rainwear etc. Phashash merchandise consists of a smart woven mens lifestyle shirt offered in many different designs and colour ways. The revival of Birdi has been greeted by all generations of golfing loving aficionados, drawn to the company’s high quality offering, as well as the brand’s loyal followers. Birdi merchandise is manufactured in South Africa only.

Len Lewison and his daughter Charlene are at the helm of Birdi which was founded in 1991 and has a reputation for producing South African golf apparel which tees up on equal footing with established national and international brands.

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