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Our extensive range of handcrafted, custom wood furniture boasts century old traditional wood working joints that can bear the heaviest of loads. Our furniture is not only beautifully designed, but it’s made to last a lifetime, seeing you through every stage of your life! Using local alien invasive and water thirsty trees that dry up our precious waterways, we craft furniture with the same luxury feel and quality that you’re used to, saving on costs to you and the planet. Our Amanzi Conscious Collection restores natural balance to local environments by creating a demand for the removal of invasive woods like Cottonwood, River Red Gum and Blackwood. For all of our ranges, types of furniture and custom pieces, we offer the option of making your chosen piece up from these woods.

Far from cold and callous, our furniture displays the deepest warmth and heart, which we believe comes from the human touch of our factory workers, our love for the environment and the story of the tree. We waste no part of the wood that we use, throw nothing away, and believe in sharing the story of the tree through the natural ‘blemishes’ in the wood that we use. If there’s a knot or a variation in grain, we don’t cut it out. That flash of red in the grain, for instance, reveals that the tree may have been stressed by a drought or it could perhaps be a result of strong wind compression; a rich yellow streak could reveal the tree’s immune response to insects attacking it – and it’s all part of the history of the tree.

The conditions that the tree has grown in are what form each tree’s unique character and are what give our furniture its special appeal and wabi-sabi beauty. The story of the tree unfolds within these little differences. That is why we do not believe in the wasteful practice of timber grading and selection. We ensure we keep it random and natural – exactly as nature intended!

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