Indoni Beauty Range

Indoni Beauty Range is an African female owned company based in Ekurhuleni that produces skin and hair care products made from natural ingredients, food compounds, edible oils and essential oils that contain healing properties. The company firmly believes in the “Essence of natural African beauty”. The word “Indoni” is a Nguni IsiZulu name inspired by the realization that the beauty of a woman is curved in her naturality. The products contain 0% alcohol, 0% harmful chemicals, 0% perfume and colourants/preservatives. The products are calming to the skin, non-greasy, unisex and suitable for most skin types’. What really makes our products unique is the fact that they are:
Eco friendly | infused with oils that contain healing properties & nutrient rich from compounds | products are not tested on animals & gentle on the skin | they are handmade specifically for African skin. The products contain: 0% alcohol |0% harmful chemical | 0% perfume | 0% colourants/preservatives.
One of INDONI’s long term goals is to build an academy, empower and create employment opportunities for less privileged women in various communities and young people interested within the cosmetics & marketing field.

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