Okubabayo Pty Ltd

Okubabayo is a South African company, B-BBEE level One Contributor with 125% B-BBEE procurement recognition. Okubabayo is a food manufacturing-focused business initiative started in 2015. We aim to pioneer in the food industry and to empower people and to make a lasting impact on society.

We produce high-quality products for our customers at competitive prices. Okubabayo has a mission to be a force in the food manufacturing business, raising the bar in food quality, taste, and ultimate customer satisfaction. Okubabayo is a company that prides itself on providing superior quality products to a diverse range of consumer target markets.

We have a strong capacity for production and are able to tailor-make custom orders which do not fit our ordinary offering. Our product line is currently focused on the bulk production of the tastiest green mango atchar (pickle).

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