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Why we do what we do

In 2012 I wrote my first feature for BMW Car magazine because it is a story that I vehemently felt needed to be told, shared with the rest of the world. I was neither a journalist nor was I paid. But it was a BMW I had been in love with for most of my life and knew that if I wrote the story of the little 2002 that even if I did not own it, that at least I would be part of its journey.

Today most of my time is spent writing about classic and collectable cars not only for BMW Car, but for GT Porsche, Total 911 and Mercedes Enthusiast.

My passion for cars forms a major part of my life. Nowhere more so than in my office, my Man Cave…watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. Friends started wanting the same thing, automotive memorabilia to celebrate the icons of the automobile world. No one can ever own every car they desire, but Vantage Fine Automotive Art gives you the opportunity to at least own a piece of the legend.

Come share in the passion!

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