Velobiotics is a company that uses a globally patented technology that helps protect good bacteria (Probiotics) through a process known as microencapsulation.

This helps prolong shelf life of probiotics and shields them from destruction by gastric acid; thus, permitting good bacteria to reach your gut where they are most useful.

We have developed Velobiotics as a leading probiotics meal and supplements manufacturer that pioneers the industry’s innovation as a solution to common health issues arising from unhealthy gut microbiome.
Our pride and flagship achievement is our ability to create the first ready-to-eat meal powder preparation containing probiotics that are both shelf-life stable and tolerant to stomac acid. This enables delivery of over 1000x more probiotics to the gut, than non-encapsulated probiotics in the market. Through this globally patented probiotic delivery mechanism, we have developed products that address common health issues ranging from gut-health, female health, and genital health among others. In addition, for the very first time, probiotics can be included in a stable and acid-tolerant formulation into infant nutrition, sports nutrition, meal replacement, etc extending the well know health benefits from probiotics.

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